The Legend of Muddy Waters
Legend has it, a young Muddy was noodling on the banks of the Mississippi River after losing his fishing pole to a mammoth catfish. He couldn’t let this beast of a fish go, so he improvised and used his guitar string as his line. Shortly after the change, the whale of a catfish bit on the line, pulled Muddy into the water, and ate his guitar whole! It swam fervently up river with Muddy in hot pursuit.

Days turned into years and Muddy stopped to eat in every port along his travels. Every once in a while, the catfish would strum out a chord to tease Muddy, and the game of “cat (fish) and mouse” continued through much of the good ol’ USA.

Until one day, Muddy finally caught up with the great beast at a three rivers crossing in the North. He was walking along the banks and saw a guitar string floating atop the water.  Out of mere wishful thinking, Muddy snatched the string, and low and behold, that darn catfish was on the other end!

By now, the creature had grown so large that he was caught between two logs with no chance of  escape. Muddy pulled his knife from his pocket to finally claim the prize he dreamt about every day and night of his life. As Muddy moved in, he happened to look down and lock eyes with the catfish. He suddenly paused... the last countless years going through his mind in a flash... then he smiled. Muddy put his knife back in his pocket, shimmied the logs, and set  his old friend free.

Muddy then thought about all of the great places he visited and the delicious food he got to eat and learn how to make along his journey. Muddy strolled a few more miles up river and decided to settle into a small village, where he opened a restaurant. Late at night, after serving yummy Southern cuisine to the locals, Muddy would sit on the river bank wondering if the catfish had as much fun as he did all those years.

To this day, they say that if you listen real close, you can still hear the catfish tease your appetite with a few chords on the guitar.